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Aluminum Raincaps never rust. They do not rust open, they do not rust shut. 

Almost all steel raincaps have a coating on them to prevent rust. But this coatings does not last. Over a very short time period the exhaust gets hot and quickly burns off the protective coating. Rust soon takes over and they become pretty much useless. Aluminum will not rust. 

Another option is a stainless steel raincap. While that also helps solve the rust problem, Stainless steel raincaps typically cost over 3 times more than an aluminum one, and are usually special order. 

Our Aluminum Raincaps will not spark. Many applications require that the exhaust cover be non-sparking. Aluminum does not spark or create sparks.

Our Aluminum Raincaps are built sturdy. Not from flimsy stamped steel like standard ones. We cast ours in an alloy foundry, thick and sturdy for years and years of service life. We use all Stainless steel hardware, and use a self lubricating brass bushing in the pivot point that ensures years of use, never allowing the cap to rust open or shut. Check out our gallery and see for yourself. 

Each Aluminum Raincap we build, is hand built, tested, and made 100% in the USA.

This should seem simple, but it seems to be a little confusing. We want you to get the correct one the first time, nobody likes to receive their Raincaps and find out they don’t fit.
We will need to know the Outside Diameter of the pipe, or tubing, that you have. Yes pipe and exhaust tubing are measured differently. For example, a 2” exhaust tubing measures 2” across the OD. Simple. However, a 2” Sch 40 pipe measure 2 3/8” on the OD. Both are 2” products, but they each require a different size Raincap.
So really, all we need to know is the OD of the pipe or the tubing, but we also have a chart available that will help you get the correct Raincap if you are working with pipe systems.